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Adoption Pets <3

America cannot thank its troops enough for their commitment, dedication, and the bravery they give in order to keep fellow Americans and our country safe. In many cases, our troops come back home being diagnosed with post-traumatic stress disorder, PTSD. In fact, over 540,000 Veterans have been diagnosed with PTSD this far. No Veteran deserves to live in fear of the constant reminder of what they saw anddid, and the overall traumatizing experience they went through during their deployment. Animals for Armed Forces aspires to promote physical well-being and health. In addition, this nonprofit organization wants to give back to those who are giving their lives by enabling them to find a safe haven with the adoption of a sheltered animal.

Owning a pet can create mental and physical stability. For an owner, a pet can physically reduce stress, lower blood pressure, cause relaxation, and promote exercise by daily walks and adventures with your new pet. Adopting a shelter animal can not only save their life, but save yours as well.

Animals bring a new sense of happiness, hope, and worth into one’s life, and this is something that every person deserves to experience. There are local shelters that support Animals for Armed Forces as well as our troops. Help be the reason to save a life and better another at the same time!

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